Erasmus Plus is the European Programme in the fildes of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2016.

New Skills
Through a European Mobility

The "New Skills Through a European Mobility"
occurs in the Key Action 1-Learning Mobility of Individuals.

The beneficiary of the project Grant /

Liceul Tehnologic Voinesti - Technology high school, Romania

The host organisation /

Tellus Education Group, Plymouth, United Kingdom

The period project /

1.06.2015 - 31.05.2017

Participants /

24 students

Mobilities /

12 students in 2016 and 12 students in 2017

Coordinator /

Ion Constantinescu, electrotechnics teacher

The aims of mobility project for VET learners

The project under Key 1 Action promotes transnational mobility activities targeting learners and aiming to:

  • upport learners in the aquisition of competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) with a view to improving their personal development and employability in the European labour market and beyond
  • support the profesional development of those who participate in this project
  • enhance notably the participants' foreign languages competence
  • raise participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries
  • ensure a better recognition of competences gained through the learning periods abroad

Project Summary

New Skills Through European Mobility is a project that enables pupils involved in activities to acquire tree key skills, level1, specific Local Curriculum for Development (LCD) and increase the chances of employability after graduation.

Also, 24 students enrolled in the teth grade in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years, organized in two flows with 10 students per flow will participate in a two traineeships in Plymouth from England, in JUNE-JULY 2016 and 2017, depending by the structure of school years.

The unit that will be formed in Tellus Education Group partner organisation- Responsible Work Practice-1 credit and learning outcomes associated-Understand the requirements of the workplace, Understand the importance of positive attitudes and behaviours at work and Understand the characteristics of effective work practice will be recongnized at retur of the participations in school through validation process( assessment, transfer, recognition and outcomes of learning).

Key competences: Preparing for workpalce integration, Transition from school to work and Customer satisfaction from Professional.

Training Standard will be equalized and school situation of students will be closed on the basis of validation process . The workplace where is specialized in training young people to the electric man. Practical activities from England will be stimulative by: professional environment, the presence of tutors in the training of students, working situations different from the Romanian school, responsibilities, communication to English in the during of traineership, and involvement in learning new experience.

The project develops steps that motivate students to be responsible to the activities where they will be involved to participate in a training programe to the school. Students will demonstrate that can relate with personal of organization for setting requirements and skills acquisition.

Project objectives

  1. Acquiring three key competences, for 24 Romanian students during the 90 hours of training by traineeships organized on two flows in Plymouth England on the during of two years.
  2. Improving language skills specialized in English and increase the level of understanding of English culture for 20 Romanian students participating in the project on the during of two years.
  3. Training entrepreneurial skills for 24 Romanian organized on two flows students through the accumulation of experience in the two professional mobilities on the during of 3 weeks per traineeship in England on the during of two years.

Who are we?

Liceu Tehnologic Voinesti

Liceu Tehnologic Voinesti is an education unit in the countryside which lasted 60 years and which improved the technological traditions from this beautiful area of our country, the Dambovita Valley, Voineşti. The high school’s basic purpose is to form a modern, complex school compatible with the modern school units able to occupy and to maintain, through its whole activity, a leader position in either our education system or the national and European one.

The graduate students are qualified depending on the needs of the area and region, such as: electrotechnician and car, electrician technician, financial activities technician agro-mountainous technician jobs which are attractive on the market place.

Through the basic objectives, the achievement of good results during the instructive-educative activity, the insurance and the best valoriyation of human resources, the diversification of material resources, professionalism and efficiency of the managerial activity programmes and strategies, the school assures pupils’ professional and general preparation at a European standard level.

The school promotes European projects, being the coordinator, from 2007 up to the present, of three bilateral partnerships with schools from Lithuania, Portugal and Czech Republic and one Leonardo da Vinci mobility project in UK; it has volunteers from the Peace Corps for teaching students the English language and motivates the teachers’ participation in Comenius training courses in European institutions, so far being recorded seven mobilities for the teachers of our school. The school was also noted for the students’ results in professional contests at county and national level.

Tellus Education Group

Tellus Education Group provides teaching, training and career development opportunities for people from all over the world. Tellus Education Group works with in partnership with schools, universities, not-for-profit organisations and businesses to create unique learning opportunities for individuals and groups.

The Tellus team work incredibly hard to ensure the requirements and aspirations of every one of our students and participants are matched perfectly with that of their prospective employer.

This is a chance to help them develop professional, personal and social skills that will stay them for life. That’s why we want to get the match absolutely right - first time!

In 2015 and 2012 Tellus Education Group was awarded Study Travel Magazine’s Work Placement Provider of the Year award. ST Star Awards are among the most prestigious in language travel industry.


Ion Constantinescu

Project Coordinator

tel. / +40 735 555 230

email /